The pseudo-indie dramedies that Steve Carell has traded in for a number of years now have had a remarkably solid track record – non truly amazing but always just pleasant enough; they’ve been schmaltzy but tempered just enough to make them work on some level.  The idea of putting his sad-sack character in an End-of-the-World film reeks of some sort of quirky half-assery on the part of whatever “indie” division at a studio agreed to put money up for the production.  I can imagine someone saying, “Melancholia-lite might sell this year.”  Still, even if the result is not ground-breaking, nor does it transcend the rather milquetoast pleasures of other Carell fare like Dan in Real Life, it has an oddball, morbid quality that creates a distinctly bittersweet aftertaste.  It also features what might be Carell’s best rendition of this character, and it’s utterly refreshing to know he’s not yet sleepwalking through these roles yet.  Read the rest of this entry »