Furious 7

April 8, 2015


It’s one of the many contradictions of the Fast and Furious franchise that it has one of the deepest memories of any film series around despite any vague recollection of previous films – style, tone, plot, world – only increases the absolute absurdity of the world that has been created in the 14 years since the original, schlocky neo-classic by Rob Cohen hit the screens with its surprisingly successful attempt to cash in on a bright and boisterous subculture.  The fact that, 7 movies in, each movie (save the third) has managed to make more money than the previous, must be some counterfactual marketing teacher’s example to their class.  Things don’t trend that way, do they?  Or maybe the age old tradition of Hollywood milking its properties until absolutely nobody cares anymore are true.  Hell, you can sort of see it happening in the Fast films, where cast members were lost quickly because it seemed below the stars’ dreams of ascendance.  But I digress.  From its beginnings as a mid-budget actioner about a fresh faced fed infiltrating a ring of minor hijackers to its current form as a series of risky, usually heist related, set pieces of an ultra elite squad of international superhumans taking on world-threatening plots, you’d think the series would desperately try to draw attention away from its original and, comparatively, minor interests.  Read the rest of this entry »